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Helping you navigate the everyday with a faith of passion and purpose

through weekend events and

online resources.

Do you long to be a man of character and living an adventurous life with God and close friends?

Join us at our next event or check out our online resources below.

It is possible to sit in church, attend great conferences and serve faithfully for decades, whilst never developing true friendships or a faith that impacts work, marriage, parenting… do we need to settle for that?

Join us, a group of friends who have been exploring life with Jesus for a weekend away from the noise and busyness. We offer fresh, insightful teaching using stories from the bible, films and personal experience.

Book on our next event or check out our online resources.

Are you frustrated your faith hasn’t impacted
your work or relationships?

Is your
boring and
lacking passion?

Are you
stuck in the
same patterns
of anger, lust, busyness or anxiety?

Forest Road
"Dullness not doubt,
is the strongest

enemy of faith,
just as indifference,

not hate,
is the strongest
enemy of love" 



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Go "all in" and take the time out from the busyness of life to hear from God and meet

like hearted men


Watch the DTE wild camping adventure as the team chat about our eternal journey with God

Image by Jan Antonin Kolar


Friday 13th MAY - Sunday 15th MAY 2022 

Cost from £105-£140 (including all meals)

“Didn’t want it to end as I’d had such a good time.”

Andy E

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