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   E T E R N A L   

Eternal Living is an all-new event exploring the question of eternity and how that affects the way we live today. 

Friday 13th MAY - Sunday 15th MAY 2022  

Cost from £105-£140 (including all meals)


"If you read history you will find that the Christians who did most for the present world were precisely those who thought most of the next."

C. S. Lewis.

Event Overview

Ask most people what they understand about eternity and they will most likely speak of "going to heaven". Whether you are Christian or not we have been taught that heaven is the final destination for the fortunate few. But exactly what "heaven" is has remained somewhat unclear and largely unappealing. Images fill our minds of our souls floating up to the clouds where we will remain for eternity, listening to harps and munching on grapes. And whilst we are up in the clouds the earth below us will be consumed in fire. Thankfully, that is not the future that the New Testament is urging us to consider.


What to expect

This is a gathering for men, set in glorious countryside and designed to help men to a deeper understanding of eternity and what that can mean for their lives today.

The weekend will include a number of teaching sessions from the team who speak with honesty and vulnerability. Time for reflection and prayer will be offered after most sessions. There will also be the opportunity to worship and enjoy some free time walking, relaxing or playing football, pool, table tennis etc. Evenings can be spent around a bonfire, watching a movie or socialising indoors with like-hearted men.

This is not an "outward-bounds" weekend. No physical exercise is required although free time is available for men to exercise if they wish.

​Do I need to be physically fit to attend the event?

No, there is no physical activity required as part of the event. However, there will be some free time during the event for men to exercise if they wish.

What is the minimum age for attending?

18 years old

Are there any group sharing sessions?

No, there are no mandatory group activities as the event is primarily about you and God. You can of course share with your friends and other men if you wish (around the camp fire in the evening is a great opportunity for this).

Can I arrive late or leave early?

We recommend attending the whole weekend for two reasons. Firstly, there is a flow to the material across the weekend and, secondly, we have found that the full weekend is often required to allow men the space to fully engage with God.

I’ve got more questions

Please email or send us a message through the Contact page on our website.

Can I share a room with my friend?

We cannot guarantee this, however, we will endeavour to put men together with other men that they know. Please leave a comment on the booking form if you wish to share with somebody in particular.

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Camping: £130 per person (all inclusive). 
​Room: £140 per person (all inclusive). 
Day Pass: £105 per person (Fri-Sun, including meals). 

What is included in the price?
​All food throughout the weekend (Fri lunchtime to Sun lunchtime).
Wash room facilities (showers and toilets).
​Bedding (rooms only).

What is not included in the price?
Transport to and from the venue.
Tent and camping equipment (if camping)
​Towels and toiletries

NOTES: If you wish to share a room with friends then please leave a comment on the booking form and we will endeavour to accommodate all requests where possible.



Our venue for this weekend is The Poplars, situated in a beautiful location and on a 70 acre country estate near the Malvern Hills.  Accommodation options include shared rooms (between 2 and 14 sharing) and camping. A day pass option is also available if anyone wishes to stay offsite. There are a number of hotel options in the nearby town of Ledbury.

Not only is The Poplars surrounded by beautiful countryside the site is very well equipped with huge amounts of indoor space, a games room, sports hall, cellar cinema and an outdoor swimming pool.

The venue is less than 3 hours drive from Manchester, 3 hours drive from Hull, 2 hours drive from Reading and is on the edge of the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The Poplars is near the market town of Ledbury.

To view the Poplars website, click here.