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We are a group of friends committed to each other

in the epic adventure

of knowing God,

building character

and following His

gentle whisper.

Men on a Journey, Just Like You.

We are a group of friends on a shared journey of seeking to become more like Him (Jesus).

We don’t have it all sorted but we believe that others may benefit from hearing our mistakes and successes. We share the good bits and the not so good bits of our journeys with honesty and vulnerability as

we talk about real issues that affect men today.

We are not professional ministers nor do we receive any remuneration for this ministry. We are just like you. Men on a journey.




Matt G says; "His dodgy beard disguises his youth; but his lack of years are packed full of rich experience — Gregg takes God speaking seriously, tests it honestly in his life and shares his experiences openly to help & encourage us (more circumspect) disciples..."




Rich says; "Rupert is an explosion. An explosion of love, life and laughter. If you come within his blast zone it can be intense but also a whole lot of fun. Rupert's zeal for his father's house is uncontainable, contagious and a tangible expression of God's Kingdom here on earth." 




Steve says; "Matt is full of wisdom and integrity in all he does. He is courageous both in sharing his heart and in his thirst for boundary pushing adventure. He is also a bit of an analytical geek who likes to plan and think.....perhaps too much! That said, he is a courageous geek, who speaks with truth and acts it out too. I look up to him a lot and he ain't heavy, he's my brother! "

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Rich says; "You can tell a lot about a man by observing what he values most in life. Mark loves spending quality time with good friends under the stars with an ale in hand. He has a beautifully humble and caring heart towards those around him, particularly his numerous (too many to count) children. I have no doubt, following the Great Restoration of the heaven and earth, Mark will often be found surrounded by friends and laughing with a beer in hand".




​Tom S says; "Richard's overly regal manner, and overuse of the word 'chaps', should not distract you from his desire for the Fathers heart. Rich has answered the call of adventure on his life in no uncertain terms. His life and hunger inspires myself and other men to know Gods freedom deeper. I am grateful that, through our friendship, he has challenged me to "..dare more boldly, to venture on wider seas, where storms show your mastery.""

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Rupert says; "Tom shows a fervent desire to know his God. He certainly is happy to be as real as the Lord made him. I have rarely met a man who is so comfortable in presenting his true self. He displays great resourcefulness and abilities to tackle whatever problem or challenge he is facing both mentally and practically. His courage and boldness are humbling to say the least. I am looking forward to spending eternity with him."

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Rich Says; "There are some people in this world that are always great to have around, whether you are sharing a beer with friends or fighting for some great cause. Simon is one of those people. He is determined, dependable and humble like Samwise Gamgee yet wise like Gandalf." 




Gregg says; "Steve readily thinks of others, has a great sense of humour and takes his journey with Jesus really seriously. His honesty, strength of character and taste in wine make him one of my best mates. We have gone through a lot together and have come out stronger, wiser and with happier marriages."




Rich says; "Matt is like a well-worn leather journal. He has a genuine and honest heart and is full of rich stories of life and love on the inside. He is a deep and characterful man whose leathered exterior has been shaped by his rich inner life".

how can we help you

Men often share how our retreats are valuable time away from the family and the busyness of life to

re-orientate and hear from God. Men frequently tell us they have returned home from our events a better man. We love the gospel and use it to answer the questions and struggles that many men experience but are rarely talked about.  We also know that most men are visual learners and prefer real tangible stories to relate to.  So we teach with stories, not only from the bible but also using honest stories from our own journeys as well as those from film and literature. We help you to re-orientate with an immersive experience using a large movie screen and high quality surround sound to help focus the mind and soul.


We also understand that busyness and distraction and very real issues for most men. So we create an environment which is relaxed and free from distraction, somewhere remote and wild and with plenty of free time to reflect, seek Gods word and play as you desire.


And finally, we understand your needs because we are a group of friends on the same journey. So we try to help you by sharing the good bits and the not so good bits of our journeys with honesty and vulnerability.